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Back to book leave (notes even I have lost track of)

Back to book leave (notes even I have lost track of)

I have a big story about the attacks on libraries and library workers online this week (and on the cover of April's The New Republic) but:

This is actually the note I want to send right now.

So it happens all the time, in going over scattered notes and seeing if they need to get folded into the book, that I find something and have perfect recall for what prompted me to stop and write it down, where I was, when it was (this is why I have to write someone's name down to remember it; it's easier to cut/paste a name for accuracy but if I really want to be able to say it with strength I need to type it out myself).

Perfect recall, sometimes. And this note is not one of those times. And I can see how I tried to leave a little trail for myself. What a good trail, too! Tell me more about the hat, me-from-August. This isn't even brain fog; this is just working at a previously unimaginable scale.

This is me sending this here and not looking up Constance Bennett right now.

OK, two more, which I can tell you were written/smeared after listening to a podcast about how some very talented people make television and which may have no bearing at all

and yet.